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Bobby BuzZ - Episode 135 - EarTheater

We are dipping back into the breaks this week because the talent in Bobby Buzz is undeniably great.  With a heart-felt foot in the past, Bobby plays from a tracklist decorated with all manner of famous if not infamous samples.  But its with the other foot in progress that he pushes breaks and basslines to fresh place that only creatives dare to go.  The combined effect keeps you both guessing and moving.  Two features of dance floor that we just can't live without.  Enjoy this set with many stylings from his recent gig at Future Sound of Breaks in Orlando.  Like Jason Brown says. "Yeah, he's a bad ass."
Alternate Streams:
01  Stanton Warriors - Hey Now
02  Suga7 - Let Me Hit
03  DJ Fixx, Ondamike - Wind It Up
04  Torro Torro, Smalltown - House Strike
05  Andy Hughes - Yummy 2K19 (Huda & DJ30A)
06  Kid panel - My Bassline
07  DJ Icey - Tokonook
08  B-Phreak - Shake That Ass
09  Josh B - Killer Ice
10  Johnnie Johnson - Pet Girl (Mizzo Breaks Remix)
11  DYNAMIX II - Got That Body
12  Huda Hudia - The Future (Make It Pop Mix)
13  Exzact Escape - Gucci Bass Freestyle Mix
14  Drop Zone - Body Mechanic (DropZone Remix)
15  Stanton Warriors, Sian - Up2U (Extended Mix)
16  Bobby Buzz - I M Ready
17  DJ Randy - Rock Da Beat
18  Tomy (ES) - She
19  DJ Fixx, Macho - Enuff
20  Hankook - All I Am
21  Sunshe - Overhead
22  Ondamike - Money 4 Nothing (Breaks Mix)
23  Huda Hudia - 321 Jump!
24  StunBreaks  - Stuttter
25  Alt-A - Giving Up (Just 10 Remix)
26  Yo Speed - No Man
27  Redlight - Equinox
28  Mall Grab - Get Impetuous
29  Ross From Friends - Epiphany
30  DJ Normal 4 - Return Of The Hooligans
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For over 20 years BobbyBuzZ has been one of South Florida's premier DJs in many styles of music. Breaks, Hip Hop, Electro, Miami Bass, Drum & Bass, Old School +more & is known to rock dance floors on any gear put in front of him. Also a producer, BobbyBuzZ has released tracks that have hit the beatport top 100 & even co produced an official Rabbit in the Moon remix with James Wolfe. Either solo or as one half of the breakbeat duo SynerBuzZ, BobbyBuzZ has played some of the biggest events & venues all over the state of Florida including Moonfest, FSOB, Galaxy Music Gathering to name a few. In 2017 BobbyBuzZ became a partner in Theoryon records & in 2018 co founded Moro Entertainment & Sunshine State of Bass which has become one of the top monthly bass music events in all of Florida.
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Jason Brown - Episode 133 - The Shake

Jason Brown understands breaks in a very cosmopolitan way.  Like great DJs of other genres, he knows how to matched distinguished vibes within the genre and also how to showcase the tracks which nails the peak of the funky vibe itself.  All throughout the mix he pushed and pulls.  The push happens when it would be easy to stick to one or another sampled loop, but instead he drives into totally different sequence.  And he pulls your attention to instant classic like Junction 8's Bad Habit.  It frames the emotion like only a funky track can.  Its no wonder the breaks style is still holding its own in the 21st century.
Appearing 10/25/2019:
Alternate Streams:
01  DJ Icey - Something About You
02  M.E.L.T. - The Shak
03  Yo Speed - X
04  Slyde - We Love It
05  Jason Brown - Metaphysical
06  Plump DJ's - System Addict
07  NOSK - Summer Night
08  Stex - Earth
09  Sinners Inc. - Drop the Bass 2011
10  Bella - Shook Up (UFO rmx)
11  Junction 8 - Bad Habit
12  Alter Form, Necroboy - Dark Leadership
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