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John Berry - Episode 024 - EarTheater

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John Berry brings the party to EarTheater and delivers a carnival of new sounds.  From the lofty and ethereal intro tracks the mix gives way to more emotional basslines.  Pay close attention leading up to the midpoint, it is sophisticated deep house.  Throughout the second half vocals help frame and maintain an undeniable underground vibe.
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Track Listing:
01.  Einmuzik - System
02.  Ioan Gamboa - Roots (David Granha Remix)
03.  Arthur Oskan - Lovebug
04.  Einmuzik - System
05.  Above and Beyond feat. Zoe Johnston - All We Need (Spada Remix)
06.  Arjuna Schiks - Ada (Jonas Saalback Remix)
07.  Ran Salmon - Fractured Memories (Animal Picnic Remix)
08.  Fromdroptildawn - Iz He Elliot
09.  Jan Blomqvist - Time Again (Animal Trainer Remix)
10.  HVOB - Ghost
11.  The Glitz - Friends
12.  Caribou - Your Love Will Set You Free ( C2's Set You Free Remix)
13.  Clarion - Castaway (Henry saiz Remix)
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Mark Hunt - Episode 023 - I Love Techno

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Mark's set deftly twists from an emotional deep house intro in to a warm, melodic cavern of sound. The driving stomp of a techno beat steadily pushes the moods and feelings deeper while vocals flicker at just the right moments to help lighten your thoughts. All of these pieces combine to remind us how warm emotions and edgy sounds can combine to make gripping music.
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Track Listing:
1. Nils Hoffmann - Balloons (Martin Roth Remix)
2. Booka Shade - In White Rooms (Elektrochemie remix)
3. Kiko & Olivier Giacomotto - Beautiful Place (Original Mix)
4. Loco  Jam - Output 909 (Original Mix)
5. Marco Bailey - Sniper (Joey Beltram Remix)
6. Return of the Jaded & Indeed - Old School Lovin (Original Mix)
7. Argy & Mama - Recluse (Hot Since 82 remix)
8. Insect Elektrika - My Solid Boner (Borislava Remix)
9. K1W1 - Synthetic Energy (Original Mix)
10. Fynn - Here Is My Soul (Franz Alice Stern Remix)
11. Sasha - Ether (Original Mix)
12. Sasha - Ether (Intro Mix)
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Peter Toledo - Episode 022 - EarTheater

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Peter brings a straight up, energetic vibe to the podcast this week.  This mix launches with fresh hooks wrapped in both familiar and progressive sounds.  Great bass lines highlight many tracks and keep the vibe thick on the dance side of atmosphere.  The a variety of sounds and energy carries the set well all the way into some deeper, melodic house at the end.  
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Track Listing:
01.  Alberto Ruiz ­- Shark (Original Mix)
02.  Brandon Andrews feat Diego Santana -­ Control (Brandon Andrews remix)
03.  Demarzo ­- Movin (Original Mix)
04.  Jose M feat TacoMan -­ Wine and Woods (Original Mix)
05.  Just Her feat Nu Sky & Eskuche -­ Final Call (Just Her Remix)
06.  Olivier Giacomotto ­- Gail in the O (Grand Cru 2015)
07.  Stefano Ritteri ­- You’re My Lover (Original Mix)
08.  Third Son ­- Delpher (Original Mix)
09.  Tim Green feat SIS -­ Eddyken Analog (Tim Green Remix)
10.  Wigbert feat Carlo Ruetz -­ Ordinary House (Wigbert Remix)
11.  Zeds Dead feat Oliver Heldens -­ You Know (Original Mix)


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Chris Tennant - Episode 021 - EarTheater

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EarTheater's first in a series of down-tempo mixes.  Chris Tennant steps up first and right away the very stylish tech sounds reveal this will be no ordinary downgroove.  The mix swirls and rebounds with progressive sounds and all the while providing a chilling atmosphere.  Such creative sounds are often rare at this tempo so the vibe is captivating.
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Track Listing:
01 - Henry Saiz - The Nothing
02 - Derek Howell - Happy To Be Sad (Derek's Happy Again Mix)
03 - Chaim - Blue Shadow (Slow Dance Mix)
04 - Damabiah - Irminsul, Le Pilier Du Monde (2014 Edit)
05 - David Douglas - Moon Observations (Henry Saiz Remix)
06 - Savvas - Echo Realm
07 - SwitchSt(d)ance - Daydreaming
08 - Henry Saiz & Pional - Uroboros (Henry Saiz Live Take)
09 - Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile - Ginga
10 - Henry Saiz - Not Final Words
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