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The A Train - Episode 044 - EarTheater

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This week EarTheater pays Deep House homage to the Anonymous Artist.  For generations we have been inspired, perplexed and amused by nameless, faceless artwork with poignancy.  These people have worked tirelessly, on who really knows what other endeavors, and yet at times just want their expressions to stand alone.  The set has smooth house and enduring charm.  Set your mood to "Enjoy"!
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Track Listing:
01  Timo Garcia & Manu Delago - The Hang Track Pt. II (Rupert & Mennert Imploded Remix)
02  James Welsh - Nowt
03  Kitano - Republic
04  Sansa & Nasrawi & Mehdi - Dub Doubt
05  Daniel Solar - For You
06  Jon Sine - At Times
07  Dusky - Someone Like You
08  Cameo Culture - Parts of You and I
09  DJ T. feat. Khan - Leavin' Me (Daniel Bortz Remix)
10  Lil Kenny and the $hebangs - Straight to Your Head (Tale of Us Remix)
11  Muder & Penner - Presence of Another Man (Noir Remix)
12  Nina Kraviz - Taxi Talk
13  Kruse & Nuernberg - Reminiscence (Michelle Owen Remix)
14  Tapesh & Sydney Charles - I Feel So Blue
15  Letthemusicplay Feat. L-W - & I Love You (Utrb Remix)
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Jerry Johnson - Episode 043 - Reverend Radio Redeux


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Our occasional down-tempo break from reality is back this week with a totally fresh grind.  Orlando's homegrown house Reverend has brought us a fantastic set of rock classics we call, Radio Redeux.  Beyond the familiar artists and riffs, these songs are upfront in both emotion and energy.  Even a Griz and Trentemoller remix?!  Let the Sunday Funday begin.  Enjoy!
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Track Listing:
01  Games - Alan Parsons Project (Oyvind Morken edit)
02  Renegade - Styx (Old Sol Remix) 
03  State Trooper -Bruce Springsteen (Trentemoller Remix)
04  Old Man - Neil Young (Sound Remedy Remix)
05  Dreams - Fleetwood Mac (Gigamesh Remix)
06  Maneater - Hall n Oates (Flying White Dots Man Eat Dub Mix)
07  Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zepplin (Free n Losh Mix)
08  Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones (Streetlab Remix)
09  Dream On - Aerosmith (Griz Remix)
10  Hotel California - Eagles (Pied Piper Progessive Remix) 
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Marc Deon - Episode 042 - BrandNew Y’Ear

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Marc Deon brings his own shinning light to our Episode 042 this week.  His refined taste in house music combined with an uncanny knack for finding memorizing hooks is in a class by itself.  Whether you are taken by the lush presentation of Alicia Keyes in Fallen or the relentless hook of Transitions by Bryce Hackford, this mix will brighten every room in your house.  Enjoy!
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Track Listing:
01  Arthur's Landing - Miracle 2 (Moplen Nu Disco Remix)
02  Alicia Keys - Falling (Deepchild VIP Re Rub) 
03  David Hammond - Peace Offering (RaDaR Remix)
04  Arthur Russell - Wax The Van (Alkalino Rework)
05  Duncan Gray - I Can't Stand Lorraine (Club Bizarre Remix)
06  Disasterpeace - Inquiry
07  Bryce Hackford - Transition
08  Elodie Lauten - Miracle 2 (Acapella)
09  Arthur's Landing - Change My Life (Numan Paul and P.S.stait Remix)
10  Concubine - Luxend
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