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Scot Shapiro - Episode 069 - Dreams of Swallows

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Consistently overwhelmed by the specific talent and focused energy put forward by our residents on this podcast.  I am often paralyzed shopping for music, just wondering if my mix will measure up.  Makes me go grow every rotation.  In any case these are the people devoted to bringing me back to the center of my greatest love, music; mixing it, dancing to it, and especially getting lost in it.  Thank you all; we are back and this mix is devoted to my brothers in arms.
- Yours Truly, Scot Shapiro

Track Listing:
01 - The Irresistible Force - Call it Music
02 - Ayeja feat. Karina Nistal - We Can Have It All (Austin Leeds Remix)
03 - Microtrauma - So_ar
04 - Miravan - Sundarban
05 - Mawami - Glitter
06 - Davi & Definition - De'sole'
07 - Giorgia Angiuli - Touch Your Ghost (Booka Shade Remix)
08 - Ben Coda - Everybody Knows
09 - Jody 6 - Take Me On A Ride
10 - Paul Thomas, Dylhen - Diablo (Kamilo Sancelemente & Golan Zocher Remix)
11 - Kastis Torrau - Too Much Illusion
12 - Just Her - Follow You Down (The White SHadow (FR) Remix)
13 - Javier Orduna & M_Hfoud - This Is Love (Basti Grub Remix)
14 - Kreisel, Lelu - Bahaia
15 - Bilboni - Off Road
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Chris Tennant - Episode 068 - Umwelt

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The music gates open wide and deep right from the 'maze of life' sample.  Riding a very smooth line between slick progressive sounds and serious trance, Chris packs it well and tight in Episode 68.  Epic and pulsing synths are matched perfectly with articulate percussion creating the quintessential track train style.  Don't take your eyes off the road signs, you will miss more than one exit driving in this mix.   Enjoy!

Track Listing:
01 - Everbeatz & Damir Ludvig - Echo Base (Hot TuneiK Remix)
02 - Nick Muir - Mirror Walk (Khen Remix)
03 - Tech D - Acceleration
04 - Idham, f.a.f.a.u & Terence C - Impulso
05 - Emi Galvan - Human
06 - TR20 - Perception Management
07 - Kamilo Sanclemente - Elixir (Extended Mix)
08 - Milla Nelson - Beautiful Beast
09 - Dyo Atoma - Tazmania (Bablak Remix)
10 - Munbraze - Peractorum (Nicholas Van Orton Remix)
11 - Cid Inc. - Abyss
12 - Federico Monachesi - This Is Not Happening (Kamilo Sanclemente & Golan Zocher Remix)


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Dante Filippelli - Episode 067 - Stumble Away the Darkness

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Dante brings the ship around for our latest pass.  Moving comfortably through time and sound is no problem for our veteran resident.  He consistently brings everything from love to lust to indifference as themes in his track selection.  If you crave some house, house with big atmospheres and breaks with plenty of life, jump on and lock your audio right here.  No instrument will be turned away.  Enjoy! 
Track Listing:
01  Killing Me - Little Man Big [Replay]
02  Addicted - BODY LANGUAGE [Om US] 
03  Taking A Chance (Original Mix) - Phonique [5 Ladies & Gentlemen]
04  Feeling Good Tonight (Anton Ishutin Remix) - Therr Maitz [Pepper Cat]
05   Sand - La Fleur Remix [Zoo Brazil]
06  White Leaf (MoodyManc Remix) - Andy Ash
07  Stumble (ATFC Remix) - Janet Rushmore, ATFC [Soul Heaven Records] 
08  Duplex (Original Mix) - Sllash & Doppe   
09  Para (Original Mix) - Sharam Jey, Dakar        
10  AM (Original Mix) - Le Mills   
11  A Dream Away (Jay-J's Shiftech Dub) - Alex Hook, Rene       
12  Sunset (Sicarios Remix) - Jettan
13  Dance Until We Die (The Deepshakerz Vocal Remix) - P'taah feat Tiombe [Lockhart]
14  A Form of Life - Brookside Chase [Plenitude]  
15  The Darkness (i:Cube Remix) - Save! [Les Disques De La Morte]
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