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Brian Busto - Episode 030 - Live! Serious Soul

July 31, 2015
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Great DJs are an experimental lot; it is their job to bring us the music news.  Occasionally, they choose to highlight a whole current of tunes in vein that is not getting enough attention in the scene.  Busto has woven an intricate house sound for this episode with a slew of instrumentation in the mix.  In a blend of introspect and dance, he moves quickly past the thinner early-night vibe and surrounds us in songs that easily stand on their own.
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Track Listing:
01.  Steve Mill - Monrovia Kids (Leigh Morgan's UT Trip Remix)
02.  Sebastian Russell - Free Fall
03.  Benno Blome - Go Loose (Kotelett & Zadak)
04.  Swabb & Maris - Ciclico
05.  Fiona Beeson - Telepathy
06.  Tolouse Low Trax - Jeidem Fall (Wolf Muller Mix)
07.  Mastra - Shara
08.  Digital Marks - Tokyo
09.  Michael Zucker - Backslide
10.  Armando - Downfall (Michale Zucker Finale Edit)
11.  Michaell Zucker - Go Around (Revamp)
12.  Greg Pidcock, Silky - Wet Dreams
13.  Delicate Droids - Orgasm Raygun
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