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Chris Tennant - Episode 048 - Ravenous

April 29, 2016
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Chris Tennant - Episode 048 - Ravenous.  Modern DJ sets have taken on many different forms.  Simple shares of new music or meticulous efforts of sound design.  Some sets are more like tight snapshots of the DJs mind; mindframes if you will.  Only a small percentage of mixes can both build the tunnel and the traintrack to lock you in on a vibe.  Chris's set does just that.  A relentless bassline thoughout, the set winds through a variety of progressive sounds and never lets you down.  Enjoy and thanks for listening!
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Track Listing:
Intro by Nature
01  Sam Scheme - Cyber Birds (Ewan Rill Remix)
02  Marcio Thag - Blind Night
03  Brian Cid - Belles Du Shaman
04  Dimitry Molosh - Blizzard
05  G-Mohris - Endless Stories (Robert R. Hardy Remix)
06  Nicholas Van Orton - Ra's Al Ghul (LoQuai Remix)
07  Oliver Lieb - VY Canis Majoris (Ewan Rill & Casper Remix)
08  Cid Inc. - Moonstruck
09  Cid Inc. - Formation
10  Brian Cid - Eternal Sunrise
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