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Chris Tennant - Episode 162 - Silhouette Sky

December 10, 2020



A distinct harmony threads through our podcast this week.  Super satisfying, slick professional vocals, and coming in under 1.5 hours, the mix rocks.  Completely deceptive in its opening the lullaby of warmth and sound gets legs right away and truly never look back.  No easy feat for the DJ as percussion and sound programming are otherwise excited and relentless.  By the middle bits all sense of time passing is awash with deep music and sound vibration. Share and embed.

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01  Jack Lazarus - In the Mountains (Tatsama's Tamara Remix)
02  Kabi (AR) & Agus Fernandez - Fénix
03  Dylan Deck & Juan Ibanez - Touching the Sky (Fabri Lopez Remix)
04  Ric Niels - Tartu
05  Marcus Caballero - Magnetic
06  Highjacks - Grid Control (Fabri Lopez & Andres Moris Remix)
07  Juani Otatti - Lumiset
08  Weird Sounding Dude - Embarkment
09  Ultraverse - Easy B
10  Kennedy One ft Shelley Harland - Calling You (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Mix)
11  Hot Tuneik & Nosh & SJ - Beyond the Skies (Antrim Remix)
12  Changes (AR) - Still Alive
13  The Cobb & Monograph - Apogee

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