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Dante - Episode 163 -Forever Dawn

December 18, 2020



Once again Dante is able to channel the pressures and passions of what we all sense in the world today.  This mix is a plasma transfusion of Gothic moodiness followed by intense and dark, industrial era energy.  But don't let these heavy, ominous, very dancy sounds soundscapes mislead you.  Hope and relief abound in the end and we're left with a feeling that at least one other soul shares this bittersweet and confused reality that, hopefully, is not repeated.  Sit back and take the journey with Dante and let the music lead all of us towards a better place in time.   -  John Atchley

Alternate Streams:

FLAC - High Quality / full monty
MP3 - Less quality / less Geebees

Track List:
01  Sofi Castañon - MoonDance
02  EPE - Sisters (Orda Remix)
03  Futuristant - Cassidy
04  Franck Roger - Stay Forever
05  Philipp Ort - Fredek's Story (Inxec Remix)
06  Sandro Beninati, Giusy Consoli - Blossom
07  Kencast  - House Music (Uranobeat Mix)
08  Orphix-Feel The Power (Club Mix)
09  Bombays - Belief
10  Kidnap - Silence (Extended Mix)
11  Ant LaRock - With This (Extended Mix)
12  Krink - Dawn
13  Fairchild - Touch The Sun (Nox Vahn Revisit)
14  Gux Jimenez, Noiyse Poject  - Feel The Calm
15  Johan Mila & Mate 0000 - Power of Mine
16  Philipp Ort - Humans Like Us (Robert Babicz Remix)
17  Arco - Free Flow
18  Smitty & Davenport - The Vision
19  Phillipo Blake - Italian Summer
20 Taig - Antidote
21  Penford - Who do you Love (Deeper Instrumental Mix)

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