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Dante Filippelli - Episode 067 - Stumble Away the Darkness

April 13, 2018
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Dante brings the ship around for our latest pass.  Moving comfortably through time and sound is no problem for our veteran resident.  He consistently brings everything from love to lust to indifference as themes in his track selection.  If you crave some house, house with big atmospheres and breaks with plenty of life, jump on and lock your audio right here.  No instrument will be turned away.  Enjoy! 
Track Listing:
01  Killing Me - Little Man Big [Replay]
02  Addicted - BODY LANGUAGE [Om US] 
03  Taking A Chance (Original Mix) - Phonique [5 Ladies & Gentlemen]
04  Feeling Good Tonight (Anton Ishutin Remix) - Therr Maitz [Pepper Cat]
05   Sand - La Fleur Remix [Zoo Brazil]
06  White Leaf (MoodyManc Remix) - Andy Ash
07  Stumble (ATFC Remix) - Janet Rushmore, ATFC [Soul Heaven Records] 
08  Duplex (Original Mix) - Sllash & Doppe   
09  Para (Original Mix) - Sharam Jey, Dakar        
10  AM (Original Mix) - Le Mills   
11  A Dream Away (Jay-J's Shiftech Dub) - Alex Hook, Rene       
12  Sunset (Sicarios Remix) - Jettan
13  Dance Until We Die (The Deepshakerz Vocal Remix) - P'taah feat Tiombe [Lockhart]
14  A Form of Life - Brookside Chase [Plenitude]  
15  The Darkness (i:Cube Remix) - Save! [Les Disques De La Morte]
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