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Dante Filippelli - Episode 075 - Transmit That Ventricle

June 8, 2018
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Dante: Episode 075.  Right out the gate it chugs its way into your heart with a great collection of real instruments sounds.  As any great DJ will show you, that's only the beginning.  Instead for changing styles Dantes adds a another dimension with synths and pads to escalate your pulse and the vibe.  To that end,  he knows where you are headed.  A soft landing; Dante brings you back from that smiley, sweaty place as if it were live.  Enjoy! 

Track Listing:
01  Noctmbulo - Carlos Pulido, Abyss (Giuseppe Morabito) 
02  Fly Away (Dennis Ferrer Remix) - Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons
03  My Afrika - Riva Starr
04  Show the Way - Steve Lawler
05  Rosace - Sami Wentz
06  Losing My Mind - Sami Wentz
07  Free Your Mind - Alfajor
08  Champion of Sound - Salvione                  
09  First Flight - Audiojack
10  Transmit that Style - Trent Cantrelle
11  Zombie - Emanualle Satie Groove Armada Dubathon
12  Under Station - Deco Prouvotte
13  Tuesday Maybe - Way Out West
14  Left Ventricle - Stefano
15  Sunday Maybe - Way Out West
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