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Dante Filippelli - Subset 10 - Last Soul

September 13, 2020



Dante applies his craft throughout this mix in order to tell the story of our zeitgeist. He weaves a delicate tapestry of emotions that run the gambit from darkness and detachment to hope and optimism. It's a track list that teases the listener and sets a tone of curiosity by combining many disparate moods, soundscapes and styles in an effort to emote what we all share at this moment in time. This is a beautiful mix that says even in our deepest levels of despair, a passionate hope can emerge that drives us to show strength in the darkest of times.  -  John Atchley

Alternate Streams:

01  Fuzztone - Morning Hum

02   Tencion - Speed Of Life

03  Sun Glitters - Wrong Days

04  Fuzztone - Ghosts in the Ether

05  Prins Thomas - Ambitions/Prins Thomas - Foreplay

06  Arbour - Sundown

07  2nd Blood - Turn It Back (Trentemøller Rework)

08  Kraver, Colin Lee - Million Like Me (NICOLAAS Instrumental Remix)

09  Dune, Crayon - Blue Window

10  Cuillère - The Love Be

11  Proj3kt Dharma - Forgotten By The Universe

12  Stefano Filippelli - Keep Your Distance

13  Dining Rooms - Verso Il Sole.

14  Bullion  - We Had A Good Time

15  Fuzztone - I Love Earthtones

16  Blaktone - Last Train (Ambient Mix)

17  Christophe Salin - Your Soul

18  Who Made Who - Dreams

19  Vitalic - Waiting For The Stars


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