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Dante Filippelli - Subset 6 - Blue Vermona

July 6, 2020



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Just visit the home of a DJ and you will be reminded what makes them tick.  Devotion for music, all kinds of music.  After a swoon of lush pads and waves, the 'Love' vocals at 34 minutes are a perfect self-expression.  While at Dante's house he drives the show deep into emotion at 54 minutes with a modern interpretation of dub; dare we say trip-reggae?  But the grand surprise (as only a DJ who has mastered the art of well-timed sample drops can) rings out when the Beastie Boys role a cameo.  Share and embed.


01  Equanimous - Indigo Dreamer
02  DJ Zombi - Re-Connect
03  Dp-6 - Unforgiven
04  Prins Thomas - Ambitions [XSB]
05  MfanO Da R-Deep - During 1989
06  Satin Jackets - Solar Nights [Welcome Back]
07  Ricky Bonewell - Itadi
08  Ryuzaki Tsukawa - Baton Rouge (Seldon Thaye Extended)
09  Future Feelings - Skylife
10  Werkha ft. Alex Rita - The Invincible (J Felix Remix)
11  Prins Thomas - Ambitions [Feel The Love]
12  Stefano Filippelli - Cheeky Chakra
13  King Most - Jazzy As Fug
14  Reverso, 68 Piece - Together (Todd Terje Spinning Star Mix)
15  Venice Beach - Minorque
16  Stefano Filippelli - The Move
17  Bot’Ox - Blue Steel
18  Bullion - O Vermona

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