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Darin Epsilon - Episode 57 - EarTheater

July 20, 2016
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Darin Epsilon is coming to Orlando's Sandwich Bar!  Come get in tune with a very slick dance sound; mixed with careful consideration.  A very special post this week on a local level.  The DJ art-form is chock full of people cutting music edges and keeping things fresh.  Darin is a huge music fan and his podcasts are always upfront.  EarTheater supports his efforts and is looking forward to his set this week in Orlando.  Enjoy!
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Alternate Birates: unavailable this week
Track Listing:

01  Helligkeit (Rick Pier O'Neil Rmx) - Subconscious Tales
02  Brisa - Art In Motion
03  Auroroa - JOBE
04  Compressed Love - Circle of Life
05  Back Home - Christopher Ivor
06  Rooms (Lee Van Dowski Remix) - AND.ID
07  Milky Way (DE Edit) - Eimmusik
08  Prazer - Jose M & TacoMan
09  Hope - Boss Axis
10  Plexus (Digweed & Muir Remix) - Monkey Safari
11  Living in Space (Olivier Giacomotto Remix / DE Edit) - Kiko, Dave Davis ft. Phoebe
12  That Vibe (D-Formation & Rixk Pier O'Neil Remix) - Roger Martinez

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