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Escape Artists - Subset 11 - Rhythm Reigns

September 27, 2020



Classic and rare vinyl style delivers chill vibes and spins up a night cap full of nostalgia.   Broken beats and textured bass lines are only the beginning for this journey.  Long and lush harmonies act as overtures throughout the set full of unusual beats and breaks.  A series of distant and dreamstate vocals round out the message and constantly coax the listener to pay attention and re-lax.  Escape Artists on the decks with a few surprises and collectibles.  Share and embed.

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01  Locust - Your Selfish Ways (Ceasefire Remix)
02  Aswad - One Shot Chilla (Underwolves Mix)
03  Art of Noise - Dream in Color (via Way Out West)
04  unknown
05  unknown
06  DJ Aphrodite - Wanted it More and More
07  unknown
08  Future Sound of London - Cascade Pt. 6
09  Beloved - Sun Rising (Tom's Drum and Bass Mix)
10  Blow Out Express - Blowout Expression (Kid Loops Remix)
11  The Acoustic Hoods - Cycles of Time
12  unknown
13  unknown

#locust #ceasefire #aswad #underwolves #artofnoise #wayoutwest #djaphrodite #futuresoundoflondon #fsol #beloved #blowoutexpress #kidloops #theacoustichoods #drumandbass #chill #lounge #atmospheric #vinyl #scotshapiro #scotmarc #brokenbeat #funky

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