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Jason Brown - Episode 037 - Fight Music

November 6, 2015
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This week we take a long peek under the funky (and fun) breaks tent with Jason Brown.  Hailing from the heart of Central Florida, Jason has carried the breaks flag for decades.  Over the years he has danced between production and djing with ease and style.  This set proves that time truly seasons DJ skills and has defined the vibe he will be taking to Europe.  Jason has the will to showcase music with gobs of layers reaching across many sound fields.  Plenty of surprises on this ride inside.  Enjoy!
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Track Listing:
01  Buj - Slugware Remix
02  Get My Beat - Original Mix 
03  Did I Break This - Wes Smith Remix
04  Bodyrock - Original Mix
05  Lez Go Dancing - Original Mix
06  Deepthroat - Original Mix
07  High - Marten Horger Remix
08  Phenomenon - Original Mix
09  Strongbeats - Morlacks Never Judge A Cover Remix
10  So Sweet - Extended
11  Go - Claude VonStroke Remix
12  Like a Boulder - Remix
13  Vinyl Junkie, Kickback - Rat Race (601 Dub Mix)
14  Party - Original
15  Loss For Words - Jason Brown (Original Mix)
16  The Brainkiller, Vaparicio - About You (Kuplay Remix)
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