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Jerry Johnson - Episode 043 - Reverend Radio Redeux

January 10, 2016


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Our occasional down-tempo break from reality is back this week with a totally fresh grind.  Orlando's homegrown house Reverend has brought us a fantastic set of rock classics we call, Radio Redeux.  Beyond the familiar artists and riffs, these songs are upfront in both emotion and energy.  Even a Griz and Trentemoller remix?!  Let the Sunday Funday begin.  Enjoy!
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Track Listing:
01  Games - Alan Parsons Project (Oyvind Morken edit)
02  Renegade - Styx (Old Sol Remix) 
03  State Trooper -Bruce Springsteen (Trentemoller Remix)
04  Old Man - Neil Young (Sound Remedy Remix)
05  Dreams - Fleetwood Mac (Gigamesh Remix)
06  Maneater - Hall n Oates (Flying White Dots Man Eat Dub Mix)
07  Babe I'm Gonna Leave You - Led Zepplin (Free n Losh Mix)
08  Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones (Streetlab Remix)
09  Dream On - Aerosmith (Griz Remix)
10  Hotel California - Eagles (Pied Piper Progessive Remix) 
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