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Episode 54 finds John Hession in the deepest house set yet on our Podcast.  There are funky overtones, melodic vocal segways and strong resonating energy to be found throughout the mix.  The tracks blend almost seamlessly as we have come to expect from John.  If this is any indication of his upcoming set with other EarTheater DJs on Friday June 24th at Sandwich Bar in Orlando, you better get there early.  It will get deep fast.
Highest stream 512kb
Alternate Birates: (320 - MP3)
Track Listing:
1. Chrysk - Closer - Original Mix
2. Jay Haze, Marco Tegui - Hazey Night - Original Mix
3. D.M.P. - Distance - Addex Remix
4. Sotela & Javier Portila -Your Eyes - King Unique Remix
5. Crack-D - Waiting - Original Mix
6. Quivver - Takin Over - Original Mix
7. Stephen J. Kroos - Pluviophile - Subsky Remix
8. Maribou State - Rituals - Sasha’s House Mix
9. Bastian Bux - Synera - Original Mix
10. Solomon Grey - Twilight - John Monkman Remix

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