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John Hession sheds his own lush and detailed progressive status quo in Episode 071.  Its a horizontal move for sure as he brings a sorely-missed bump and grind back to center stage.  The synths lean more on tough and chuggy while the dance vibe remains squarely progressive throughout.  John does hold tightly to his melodic House head and that gives the whole mix plenty of polish.  Enjoy! 

Track Listing:
01 - Roy Rosenfled - When We Were Innocent
02 - Hundreds - Un-unify (Mano Le Tough Remix)
03 - Fur Coat - Inner Circle
04 - CamelPhat - The System
05 - Ziger - Substance
06 - Nick Curly - No Takers
07 - Roach Motel - Wild Luv (George Morel Mix)
08 - Rick Pier O'Neil - Shade Runner, Part 2
09 - Pryda - Origins
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