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The house party vibe lives somewhere between studio sessions and nightclubs.  However, the smaller audience welcomes aural continuity and rich emotion.  DJs can engage their audience and thread musical sensations without concerns for last-calls and closing times.  EarTheater is happy to explore that open-ended, seemingly endless relationship with music and energy.  Upfront as always, and even deeper with Mark Hunt - Live at The Party.  Enjoy!
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Track Listing:
01  Quivver - Wait For You (Habischman Remix)
02  Dave DK - Smukke Lyde
03  Hot Since 82 - Sundown (Audiofly Remix)
04  Barbados - Dreams of the Future (Villeda Remix)
05  Barbados - Dreams of the Future
06  Barbados - Entropy
07  Quivver - Everything Remains the Same
08  Ten Walls - Sparta
09  Sid Le Rock - Butterflies
10  Hot Since 82 - Leave Me (Dubfire Remix)
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