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Mark E Hunt - Episode 050 - Distant Thunder

May 13, 2016
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Distant Thunder continues EarTheater's commitment the coming hits of summer.  Episode 050 upholds our promise of upfront tunes every week.  And this seasoned DJ delivers it in a classic example of an incessant building vibe.  The combination of Deep and Tech house blends energy in the percussion and the pads with bridges in the mix.  Ethereal vocals throughout, the trance effects are sublime.   Close your eyes long enough and you may find yourself in your favorite club.  Enjoy and thanks for listening!
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Track Listing:
1  Charles Swara - Covert
2  Thian - Free Fall (Thane-Percu) Remix
3  Springa - Absence Of Pretence (Original_mix)
4  SpeakON - Feel Love_(Original Mix), on NEO
5  8A - The Lovely Vibe (Original Mix) on Retune Music.
6  Heliotype - Catching Fire (Original_mix)
7  Fiona Beeson - Drift (Joeski Remix) on Beesound Recordings
8  Sebastian Rassloff - Dark Fantasy on AF200
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