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Mark E Hunt - Episode 073 - Killahurtz

May 27, 2018
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Melodies are the saving grace of electronic music.  They are sustained by keys, and layers, and space-time itself.  Episode 073, Killahurtz by Mark Hunt is a perfect example.  Throught out three distinct sections, it is the melodies which let loose the boundaries of the sequence and lift the tracks well out of the traps of loopy machines.  Sit back or exercise, in either case, Mark's podcast takes over your mind and kills time.  Enjoy! 

Track Listing:
01  Pulsar - Utopia
02  Pulsar - Floating
03  Neo - Kalimbascope
04  Monofade - Out Of The Blue
05  Florian Rauh - Mimikry
06  Adana Twins - Jupiter
07  4th Foundation - Electric Feels
08  3kz - A Love Supreme
09  Aeron Aether - Release The Kraken
10  Gabriella Vergilov - One Step Ahead
11  AFTAHRS - Messenger
12  Second Woman - Instant
13  Tunnelvision - Guava (John Creamer’s Up All Night Rework)


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