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Mark E Hunt - Subset 13 - Momentary

November 15, 2020



Lounging hard, feels good. The early release light shines on our Audio Subset this week. Mark brings it home with a juxtaposition of artists and remixers. Take note of this added layer. It offers a great showcase to hear how artists and remixers interpret the exact same set of sounds. Lush dives are paired with occasional beats creating a serene and therapeutic move through space and time.  Share and embed.

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Track List:

01  Xaric - Summer Rain (Beatless & Rain Mix)
02  Charles Webster - This Is Real (ft Shara Nelson)
03  14 Fh - 02h06
04  Sorceress - Brother Dragonfly (Pablo Sánchez Remix)
05  Gidge - Seems To Be Getting Closer
06  Gidge - The Cascades
07  Joel West - Inner Worlds
08  Joel West - Inner Worlds (Jay Tripwire remix)
09  The DROID - Rewire The System (Francois Dillinger remix)
10  The DROID - Beat The Machine (Lloyd Stellar remix)
11  The DROID - Amen Experiment
12  O'Flynn - O'Flynn - Seamstress (Dan Shake Remix)
13  Gidge - New Light
14  Xaric - Andromeda (David Duriez Beyond The Call Of Duty Remix)

#xaric #charleswebster #14fh #sorceress #gidge #gidge #joelwest #thedroid #oflynn #sharanelson #pablosanchez #jaytripwire #francoisdillinger #lloydstellar #danshake #davidduriez #downtempo #lounge #downgroove #loungehard

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