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Mixology 2.0 - Episode 104 - Eartheater

February 15, 2019
This cooperative event between Scott Riley and Mathew Scott (of Iron Cow [Orlando] was a perfect fit and opportunity to support Scott's new Mixology series.  Dante Filippelli, Christopher Tennant, & Scott Riley (Deep House, Soulful House, Tech House, Progressive House, Melodic Techno)
If this were a musical pot luck dinner, you would be upset and slightly irked had you not received an invite, only to see and hear about all the fun you missed out on via social media the following day. Well…that's kinda how many of our listeners felt when an impromptu pop up party sprang up and caught many off guard.  The show was announced with less than twenty four hours notice.  Have no fear.  The crew at EarTheater didn’t want you to be left out... (continued below)
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(cont.)  And in all actuality the boys sacked the original invite only private home residence affair and wanted to share proper all the talent and tunes in a club setting.
The trigger fingers couldn’t fire off fast enough and open up what was intended to happen in a living room and showcase in an intimate club with top tier sound to support. A la the now infamous Iron Cow with it’s EAW sound system. This three hour epic journey is brought to you via DJ’s Dante Filippelli, Christopher Tennant & Scott Riley in their respective orders of duty. The only member listed on the bill and not accounted for in the mix is Scot Shapiro.  All speculation aside its nice to see individual care in making sure that those who could not attend are not left out with attention to detail in the recording of these special events.  EarTheater has always prided themselves in the best possible sound using only the best recording techniques and this edition stands tall in sonic fortitude. - John Berry

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