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Scot Shapiro - Episode 020 - Drum Machine

April 28, 2015
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Scot Shapiro gets right to it and kicks things off with up-tempo, muted vocals and plenty of low end.  Bouncy, bottom heavy tracks infect this mix that weaves back and forth between house, tech house, and techno.  The set is peppered throughout with vocal phrases and fragments that manage to soften and drive it's  rhythmic pace. It closes with warm melodies that twist into a slightly hypnotic trance.
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Track Listing:
01.  Beat Bizarre - Booger Launcher (edit)
02.  Thomas Krauze - Things We Do (Gabe Remix)
03.  Egoism, Optimuss - Street Kid
04.  Jay Haze, Jose Wated - Snoochi feat. Big Bully (Andre Salmon & Chris C's Remix)
05.  Smarty J - NYC
06.  Elay Lazutkin - El Dorado (D-Unit Remix)
07.  Marcelo Vasami - City Reflections (Dousk Remix)
08.  Greg Pidcock - Last Night
09.  Luigi Rocca - Blame feat. Penny F
10.  Manna Croup - Stay
11.  Nick Warren, Guy Mantzur - Sad Robot (Musumeci Remix)
12.  Cristoph - Nause
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