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Steven McCreery - Episode 028 - Electronic Sofa Sessions

July 3, 2015
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The recent history of dance music simply can not be written without people like Steve McCreery.  Without a doubt, his work with Limbo Records and devotion to DJing has helped craft the last 25 years.  This week he delivers a set of deep and thoughtful house music at a perfect heart rate.  The mixes are seamless and the uplifting vibe seems it could just go on forever.  His very sophisticated house music message remains the same, "we can conquer the world".
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Track Listing:
01.  Vincenzo - If he runs
02.  Amber Long - Gathas
03.  Guy Mantzur - Epika
04.  Chaim - Blue Shadow
05.  Hakimonu - Changes
06.  Guy J - Stolen Memory (Guy Mantzur Remix)
07.  Graffiti On Mars - More Than A Superstar
08.  Trentmoller - Always Something Better (Mind Against Remix)
09.  Yousef - Float Away (Francesca Lombardo Remix)
10.  Danique - Scream (Gabriel Ananda Remix) 
11.  Victor Duplaix - I See You (Andre Lodemann Remix)
12.  Damian Lazarus - Vermillion (Agoria Remix)
13.  Monkey Safari - Cranes (Kolsch Remix)
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