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ViLLO - Episode 142 - UnrestFurloughed

April 28, 2020
ViLLO has a fantastic ear for grooves in many forms, and this week packs in styles from progressive to tech to detroit and back again.  52 minutes gives way to a great and deep emotion while the sounds of detroit bump and grind through the end.  DJ streams continue to explode in number across the globe.  Few DJs have the open mind and will to stay committed to bringing listeners promos from all around the world.  ViLLO and Eartheater are staying the course this week with another set of new music to open your mind and your heart.  Sharing music is what it is all about for our podcast.
Alternate Streams:
01  Coflo - Lux (Coflo's Extended Mix) [Local Talk]
02  M.A. - Come On [Cyclic Records]
03  Dodi Palese - One Strange Shot [Exit Strategy]
04  Mark Slee - Secret Garden [Suprematic]
04  Joe Rolét - Maximum Width (Rich NxT Remix) [Infuse]
06  Ryan Crosson - Panama [Visionquest]
07  Cowboy Rhythmbox - 6AM Cowboy (Cowboy Rhythmbox Deviation Variation) [Phantasy Sound]
08  Rework - Bilbao [Visionquest]
09  Robert James - Revenge of the Wasp [Body Movement]
10  Fond8 + Dj Apt - Darkness (Extended Mix) [Metropolitan Promos]
11  Chab Nabouchu - Hyperactive [Marba Records]
12  Davix Project - Desert (Extended Mix) [Pink Lizard]
13  Pavzo - Rock With Me (Ale Castro, Trentz Remix) [Whoyostro White]
14  East End Dubs - Hip [East End Dubs]
15  Charlie Sparks - Wanna [PIXELATE]
16  Cowboy Rhythmbox - 6AM Cowboy (Sharif Laffrey Deviation) [Phantasy Sound]
17  Ashee - Retrofit [Life And Death]
18  Kraut feat. René Opsedee - Confetti (Acid Pauli Remix) [The Other Eye]
19  Squarepusher - Midi Sans Frontieres (Avec Batterie) [Warp Records]
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