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Scott Walls - Subset 7 - Summer Beats




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The breaks are lush as the endless days of summer beats continue.  Our podcast this week highlights great breaks and dreamy vocals.  Scott's produces great bridges throughout the entire mix.  Complicated rhythms which go beyond the standard issue samples make this mix stand up and stand out.   Share and embed.



01  Meg Ward - Disappear
02  Bicep - Just
03  Windom R & Affire - We're Not So Innocent
04  Braxton - Chiaroscuro
05  DJ Zombi - Broken
06  Essáy - Don't Know Why
07  Baril - One More Rush
08  Sasha - Head Melter
09  Unknown Artist - The Key
10  Hammer & James Shinra - Lunar Seven
11  Frost - Overtones
12  The Police - Message In A Bottle (AIKON Remix)
13  Brothers of Funk - Make My Day
14  Dan Sieg, Antrim & Ezequiel Arias - Beatmuse Reimagined (Alex O'Rion Edit)
15  Massive Attack - Teardrop (Simon Doty Remix)
16  Lux Groove - Let Go
17  Adam F - Circles (Nixon Vs TobyOne Refix)
18  Acidova - Beautiful
19  Jon Gurd - Lion


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All Mighty Invisibles - Episode 149 - Togetherness



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Our newest installment of mixed-music bliss comes from our newest contributor.  Day-trip stylings and a vibe that erupts frequently with variety, sets an ever-changing mood.  Using many genres, the fun kicks up early as the selector begs you to 'do it til we drop'.  Later, some real funk takes the fun to party status and never looks back until a more melodic end brings us back home.  Share and embed.



01  Reciprocity (Main Mix) - Paula, Moon Rocket [Foliage Records]
02  Dance the Way I Feel (Dan Caster Remix) - Tom Novy [Tonspiel]
03  Waiting For You (Extended_Mix) - Wolf Story, Queen Rose [No Fuss Records]
04  In Your Arms (Eric Kupper 2020 Afro Dub Re-edit Remaster) - Eric Kupper, Keiko Yoshimura [Hysteria Records]
05  Real Deep - Sambrns [Tech Avenue Records]
06  Soldier March - Shermanology [Rawthentic]
07  Future Feels (Extended Mix) - Justin Jay [Visceral]
08  Wheels of Karma Feat (Sheera Yost Koen Rework)- Laroz, Sheera [Lost on You]
09  You Know feat. Aja Monet - Luke Mandala [Desert Heart Records]
10  Love Is True - Sankuh [Chapeau Music]
11  Unknown Places (Stacey Pullen Remix) - Einzelkind, Christian Burkhardt [Celesta Recordings]
12  Sour Track - Nopopstar [Hey, location!]
13  Night Passenger (Yellowteeth Remix) - Yellowteeth, Stylic [Emerald & Doreen Records]
14  Sex at 5am - RNBWS [Jelly Bean Farm]
15  El Acordeon Triste (Dole & Kom Remix) - The Angels [House Music With Love]
16  Die Mallemeule - F-Theme [Glory Hill Studio]
17  No Silence - Mollono.Bass, Kuoko [3000 Grad Records]
18  Love Is A Colour - Nicone, Allen Hulsey, Aracil [Einmusika Recordings]
19  Naked (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) - To Ricciardi [Visceral]
20  The Night We Went To The See (Re:You Remix)- Man2.0 [Secret Fusion]
21  Voice Of Luna - Giluuu [MoBlack Records]
22  Time - Rey & Kjavik [Mobilee Records]
23  Pivert the Playmobil - Fabrice Lig [Systematic Recordings]
24  Someone in the Sky ft. Sutja Gutierrez (Sisto & Lucas Momesso Remix)- Affkt, Sutja Gutierrez [Sincopat]
25  Nordanvind - Autonomi [Trampoliner]


#allmightyinvisibles #autonomi #sutjagutierrez #sisto #lucasmomesso #affkt #fabriceliq #rey #kjavik #giluu #man20 #toricciardi #nicone #allenhulsey #aracil #mollonobass #kuoko #ftheme #dolenkom ##theangels #rnbws #yellowteeth #stylic #nopopstar #staceypullen #einxelkind #christianbukhardt #sankuh #ajamonet #lukemandala #sheera #yost #koen #sambrns #shermanology #erickupper #Keikoyoshimura #wolfstory #queenrose #dancaster #paula #moonrocket #justinjay #eartheater #usdjs #progressivehouse #deephouse #funky #MelodicHouse #TechHouse #Afrohouse #Indie #TechBreaks


Dante Filippelli - Subset 6 - Blue Vermona



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Just visit the home of a DJ and you will be reminded what makes them tick.  Devotion for music, all kinds of music.  After a swoon of lush pads and waves, the 'Love' vocals at 34 minutes are a perfect self-expression.  While at Dante's house he drives the show deep into emotion at 54 minutes with a modern interpretation of dub; dare we say trip-reggae?  But the grand surprise (as only a DJ who has mastered the art of well-timed sample drops can) rings out when the Beastie Boys role a cameo.  Share and embed.


01  Equanimous - Indigo Dreamer
02  DJ Zombi - Re-Connect
03  Dp-6 - Unforgiven
04  Prins Thomas - Ambitions [XSB]
05  MfanO Da R-Deep - During 1989
06  Satin Jackets - Solar Nights [Welcome Back]
07  Ricky Bonewell - Itadi
08  Ryuzaki Tsukawa - Baton Rouge (Seldon Thaye Extended)
09  Future Feelings - Skylife
10  Werkha ft. Alex Rita - The Invincible (J Felix Remix)
11  Prins Thomas - Ambitions [Feel The Love]
12  Stefano Filippelli - Cheeky Chakra
13  King Most - Jazzy As Fug
14  Reverso, 68 Piece - Together (Todd Terje Spinning Star Mix)
15  Venice Beach - Minorque
16  Stefano Filippelli - The Move
17  Bot’Ox - Blue Steel
18  Bullion - O Vermona

#dantefilippelli #bullion #botox #stefanofilippelli #venicebeach #reverso #68piece #kingmost #PrinsThomas #werkha #alexrita #futurefeelings #ryuzakitsukawa #rickybonewell #satinjackets #mfanodardeep #dp6 #djzombie #equanimous #seldonthaye #jfelix #toddterje #lounge #housemusic #downtempo #downgroove #slowtech


Mark E Hunt - Episode 148 - Flatten The Curve



As we all enter another phase of this pandemic, my friends and I turn to music for solace. My latest Ear Theater mix, Flatten The Curve, isn’t confined by genre. Episode 148 has segues to move you through the mix as it has many layers, from deep house to breaks, and eclectic electronica. Please take time to chill this weekend and hopefully get inspired through our faith in music, as I have this week while making this mix.
Mark E Hunt

Alternate Streams:


01 - Mister Red - Red Kawayo
02 - d.I.M. feat Dj Erika - Find Me
03 - SiChill - Resurrection
04 - Lewis Monbarn - Walking For Hours
05 - SiChill - Shadow Lands
06 - Julian Nates - Luminism (Imran Khan Remix)
07 - Winterson - Waiting
08 - Shadow Drummer - In the Matrix
09 - Shadow Drummer - RROLL
10 - Alex van Orton - Goliath (Extended Version)
11 - Atesh K. - Self Portait Of The Walls
12 - Sasha - Georgia Decay
13 - 9th House - Lyra (Dusky Remix)
14 - James Solace - Keep On
15 - Patric - Twelve Five
16 - BeatQueche - Emptiness In My Spirit (Cary Crank Remix)
17 - Cary Crank - West (Extended Mix)
18 - PAX & Rui Da Silva - Touch Me (Extended Version)
19 - Casper Cole - Fader
20 - Antartiq - Zombies on the Dancefloor
21 - Patric - Twenty Three

#markehunt #markhunt #EDM #progressivehouse #housemusic #melodichouse #deephouse #detroithouse #eartheater #usdjs #djmix #dj #cdj2000 #cdj2000nxs #cdj2000nxs2 #ableton


John Kiser - Episode 147 - EarTheater



Alternate Streams:

As if being woke from a dream, this set builds layer upon layer through the intro.  But another dream is forming.  Between trying to guess the next sound field and bridges across styles, John Kiser grabs a hold of everything aural.  Its a patient piece with some well-seated, dare I say lofty, vocals begging you to wake yet again.  At 37 minutes the skilled and gradual rise gives way to wide range of sounds in a variety of deep dance rhythms.  Share and embed.


01  Pako & Frederik - Maroon Baloon
02  Aural Imbalance - Space Monkey (Donald Wilborn's Afterhours Remix)
03  Ripperton - We Are Space Music (Vocal Mix)
04  Marco Berto - Defex (Martin Landsky Remix)
05  Vincenzo - Orbiter (Flight Two)
06  GMJ - Another Life
07  Alberto Bianco - Eternal Sunshine (Nice shot Remix)
08  AudioStorm - Echolocation
09  Ejeca - Everglade
10  Tara Brooks - Wake Me
11  Applescal - Incognitana
12  Higgins - And Breathe (Barry Jamieson Remix)
13  Clarian - Into the Unknown
14  Kasey Taylor - Kiora
15  Depaart - Migrate
16  Sasha - Head Melter
17  Borka & The Gang - Magic Talk (Tuff City Kids Get Lucky Remix)
18  Yotto - Hyperlude (Dosem Extended Mix)
19  Eelke Kleijn - The Magician (Extended Mix)
20  Agoria - 3 Letters ft. Blase (Stereocalypse Remix)
21  Pole Folder & CP - Space Time

#Pako #Frederik #auralimbalance #DonaldWilborn #Ripperton #MarcoBerto #MartinLandsky #Vincenzo #GMJ #AlbertoBianco #Niceshot #AudioStorm #Ejeca #TaraBrooks #Applescal #Higgins #BarryJamieson #Clarian #KaseyTaylor #Depaart #Sasha #BorkanTheGang #TuffCityKidsGetLucky #Yotto #Dosem #EelkeKleijn #Agoria #Blase #Stereocalypse #PoleFolder #CP #johnkiser #progressive #housemusic #melodichouse #techhouse #techno #traktor


Dante Filippelli - Episode 146 - Lost Fragments



Alternate Streams:


The straight dope, Dante can sneak you into a dance beat like a f-ing ninja.  This week our podcast episode should be called Ass Shakin' and at 30 minutes or so in, you will know.  After a longer and more dramatic intro, the set finds you almost contemplative.  The wonder takes over as you consider which of Dante's dramatic landscapes he has cooked up.  Then, as is his signature, the sheer emotion is banged right out into a dance beat; and your inner child takes over as the pilot for your ass.  An hour in, and Dante knows you are tired.  The powerful kick gives way and a wider variety of beats glide through thoughtful music space.   The power and emotion at 1:20 is a dreamy view into late night club lost, but not forgotten.  Share and embed.


01  Yuksek, Polo & Pan - Cadenza
02  Moo Moonster, Rigopolar - This Is The Time (Rigopolar Remix)
03  Cesar XX - Feels Like
04  Adrian Pricope - Hard to Explain
05  Ziggy - House This Way
06  Rone White, Alessandro Diruggiero, Enrico Bellan - Eyes On You
07  Camilo Sanjuan - Rey Sai
08  Pepe Mateos - DMT
09  Rone White, Rowen Clark - Forever Young
10  Roy Beatie - There Was Love Before Talent
11  David Jackson - Donny's Blues (extended mix)
12  Herald - Party Time
13  Emmanuel Jal; Henrik Schwarz - Kuar (Don't Let Your Vote Be Fake Newsed Mix)
14  Enzo Leep & Alffie feat. Emma Barber - Morning Fragments (Dub)
15  UNDEUX - Nostradamus.
16  Krissky - Black Pool.
17  Sergio Parrado - OSM (Lauhaus & Mario Franca Remix)
18  Fem Ensemble - Studioline (Ander Remix)
19  Zagar-Lost Tribes (Doyeq Remix)


#Yuksek #PolonPan #MooMoonster #Rigopolar #CesarXX #AdrianPricope #Ziggy #RoneWhite #AlessandroDiruggiero #EnricoBellan #CamiloSanjuan #PepeMateos #RoneWhite #RowenClark #RoyBeatie #DavidJackson #Herald #EmmanuelJal #HenrikSchwarz #EnzoLeep #Alffie #EmmaBarber#UNDEUX #Krissky #SergioParrado #Lauhaus #MarioFranca #FemEnsemble #Ander #Zagar #Doyeq #dantefilippelli #progressive #housemusic #melodichouse #traktor


ViLLO - Subset 5 - Chillin Like Fellini



Alternate Streams:

Find some common ground in uncommon sound with one of our favorite guests in Episode 5. We have seen friends all over the world send good vibes and love to America.  ViLLO put his mind to task and produced a great combination of downgroove and slowtech in this mix.  The tracks highlight soothing vocals and lush riffs.  Modern synth sounds are melded right into dub tracks.  Samples and snippets of life give this mix real personality.  It is time to chill with the right sound, at the right time.    Share and embed.


01  Nextune + Hugues - Journey Through Cosmic Matter [Wind Horse Records]
02  Snacks - Daydream [Boogie Angst]
03  RSN - Black Sky (Amerigo Gazaway Remix Instrumental) [Agogo Records]
04  Ramu - Zero G (Planet Utopia LP)
05  Beacon - Marion [Ghostly International]
06  Buddha Chillout - Sea of Clouds
07  Ramu - Strange Creatures (Planet Utopia LP)
08  Nextune + Hugues - Cosmic Voyage [Wind Horse Records]
09  Brecon - Scarp [Mesh]
10  Hic Et Nunc - Delicacy Of Shades (Delightful Christmas)
11  Sven Tasnadi - Good Morning [Moon Harbour Recordings]
12  Emapea - Classy (Zoning Out Vol 01) [Stone Cold]
13  Kureman feat. Asakura Saya - Samuraimichi [Suicide Robot]
14  Ramu - Recollect (Planet Utopia LP)
15  D.Dahlinger - Mellolabye [Cold Busted]
16  Pique Dame - Atelier (Delightful Christmas)
17  Axion117 - SIB [Cold Busted] end A1/beg B2
18  Mark Barrott - Donchian Reprise [Running Back]
19  Filmico - No Sense of Distance [Isle of Jura]
20  Kogenman - Buy It (Funambulist EP)
21  M Knowledge - Human (From & To LP)
22  M Knowledge - Time (From & To LP)
23  Ramu - Fishing with Zorak (Planet Utopia LP)
24  Messes Basses - Flamingos [Beat X Changers]
25  The Expansions - Mosaic [Albert's Favourites]
26  Zito Mowa - Bundaberg [Stay True Sounds]
27  Worrient feat. F. Lowkey - Genes [Max + Moritz Music]
28  Eulenspiegel - Sole Tendue
29  Jens Buchert - Ironsea
30  Ricky Marcato - 19 Years
31  Genii - Seraphire [Underyourskin Records]
32  ViLLO - Vicious Nature (Feline Mix) [Jackalope Music]
33  Rival Consoles - Them Is Us [Erased Tapes]
34  Assorted Film Clips


Scott Riley - Episode 145 - Anamnesis

Our podcast this week brings the melodic house genre into sharp focus and style.  The early minutes unwind the mind and make it clear your music journey will be a poignant one.  At 18 minutes that special 'welcome' only house music can deliver is set for a volleyball style spike to the heart.  The beat kicks hard and warm and bigger than life.  Perfect timing.  Through to the hour mark the plateau is obvious energy.  But at one hour the beat takes an even more exciting yet deeper dive to the underground.  The drum track becomes a virtual talisman delivering you to restful melodic vibes at the end.
Alternate Streams:
01  Tim Green - Vacation to Life
02  Tim Green - Sowa
03  NuKreative - Natura
04  DJ Zombi, Shai T - High In The Sky (Extended Mix)
05  Slow Hearts - Eyepads (Tim Green Remix)
06  DAVI - Home
07  Nebula (AR) - Mocca
08  Ben Bohmer, Malou - Lost In Mind (Volen Sentir Extended Vision)
09  Etherwave - Extract (Maxi Degrassi Remix)
10  Kevin Yost - Realize
11  Haptic, Monastetiq - Soul Fire
12  The Mekanism - Missing Love (Musumeci Remix)
13  Mass Digital - Fate
14  Blanche - City Lights (Gorje Hewek & Izhevski Extended Mix)
15  Audiotones - Hiragana (Maxi Degrassi Remix)
16  DSF - Hugs Around (Roy Rosenfeld Remix)
17  Bedouin - Whistleman (Pablo Fierro Remix)
18  Roy Rosenfeld - Halomot
19  AWKA - Fauna
20  Slow Hearts - Planaria
21  Lee Burridge, Lost Desert - Moogami
22  NuKreative - Out of the Shadows
#scottriley #davi #haptic #monastetiq #themekanism #massdigital #audiotones #maxidegrassi #nebula #slowhearts #timgreen #djzombi #shait #royrosenfeld #pablofierro #bedouin #awka #slowhearts #leeburridge #lostdesert #nukreative #kevinyost #etherwave #malou #volensentir #gorjehewek #izhevski #musumeci #blanche #progressive #housemusic #melodichouse #traktor #eartheater #usdjs

Chris Tennant - Episode 144 - Drifting

Chris Tennant has long been recognized for his sublime mixing style.  Add to that, a great selection of lively progressive and smooth melodic house and you have a music podcast with heart.  The underground dance scene has hallmarks all its own and Chris knows them well.  Twenty minutes in you 'll find a mix as a showcase for the energy and echo that can only be produced when two tracks, by two different artists is bridged to make something entirely unique.  More dimension is added with remakes and remixes of some classics; note the Freddy Mercury stylings at about 31 minutes.  Dare we say, let the bootlegs fly.
Alternate Streams:
01  Cornucopia - Orion
02  Lerr - Centauri
03  Nobilis - Magma (Analog Jungs Remix)
04  Zalvador - Gravity
05  Alice in Chains - Would (Sebastian Busto Unofficial Remix)
06  Alex O'Rion - Ukko
07  Tash, Paul Angelo, Don Argento - Exapsis (Alex O'Rion Remix)
08  Dmitry Molosh & Michael A - Twelve Days
09  Mars Monero & Rodskeez - Flesh of the Vulture (Mariano Favre Remix)
10  Alex O'Rion - Around Us
11  Tears for Fears - Shout (Santo Adriano Reinterpretation)
12  Ivanshee - Jollier (Ewan Rill Remix)
13  Dibby Dougherty & David Young - Tiger Forest (Nicolas Ruiz & Diego Welter Remix)
14  Hermanez & Eran Aviner - Aria
15  Ultraverse - Endless Desire (The Wash Remix)
16  Kamilo Sanclemente - Deeper
17  Jonnas B - Ancestral (MZN Remix)
18  Artfaq & Berni Turletti - Hy Macrophylla
19  Emi Galvan - Crabo
#christennant #mzn #cornucopia #lerr #nobilis #zlavador #aliceinchains #analogjungs #sebastianbusto #tash #paulangelo #donargento #dmitrymolosh #michalea #marsmonero #rodskeez #marianofavre #emigalvan #artfaq #berniturletti #jonnasb #kamilosanclemente #ultraverse #hermanez #eranavioner #dibbydoughtery #davidyoung #ivanshee #ewanrill #tearsforfears #alexorion #santoadriano #nicolasruiz #diegowelter #thewash  #progressive #housemusic #melodichouse #traktor #eartheater #usdjs

Scott Walls - Episode 143 - Deep Thoughts

It's one of music's greatest feats that can make you feel like you are inside a song.  The rhythms wrap around you as they move in and out of the audible frame.  Definitely a presence, and the very reason its become almost passe' to describe great songs as creating atmospheres.  Its remarkable enough in one track, but this week's podcast from Scott Walls brings an entire set of these tunes.  Inside many of them, you may well forget the others you have heard as they build and grow.  Some very smooth bridges tie it all together.  When we say deep house music, this is what we mean. 
Alternate Streams:
01  Bootes Gray - Healing Trip (Day Mix)
02  Hermanez & Eran Aviner - Storyteller
03  Bicep
04  Khen - Out of a Dream
05  Cornucopia - Bats and Birds
06  Shai T. - Where the Heart Is
07  Ian Ludvig - Break Free (David Mayer Remix)
08  Leandro Caceres - Fear
09  Blond:ish - Mina (Blond:ish Poolside Mix)
10  DAVI - Solar Sail
11  Ryan Wallace (UK) - Close Your Eyes (Sam Heyman Remix)
12  GMJ & Matter - Microclimate
13  Robbie Akbal, Knowkontrol, Rowee & Dance Spirit - Armon (Dance Spirit Mix)
#scottwalls #dancespirit #rowee #knowkntrol #robbieakbal #gmj #matter #davi #ryanwallace #samheyman #blondish #leandrocaceres #ianludvig #shait #cornucopia #khen #bicep #hermanez #bootsgrey #eranaviner #progressive #housemusic #melodichouse #traktor #eartheater #usdjs

ViLLO - Episode 142 - UnrestFurloughed

ViLLO has a fantastic ear for grooves in many forms, and this week packs in styles from progressive to tech to detroit and back again.  52 minutes gives way to a great and deep emotion while the sounds of detroit bump and grind through the end.  DJ streams continue to explode in number across the globe.  Few DJs have the open mind and will to stay committed to bringing listeners promos from all around the world.  ViLLO and Eartheater are staying the course this week with another set of new music to open your mind and your heart.  Sharing music is what it is all about for our podcast.
Alternate Streams:
01  Coflo - Lux (Coflo's Extended Mix) [Local Talk]
02  M.A. - Come On [Cyclic Records]
03  Dodi Palese - One Strange Shot [Exit Strategy]
04  Mark Slee - Secret Garden [Suprematic]
04  Joe Rolét - Maximum Width (Rich NxT Remix) [Infuse]
06  Ryan Crosson - Panama [Visionquest]
07  Cowboy Rhythmbox - 6AM Cowboy (Cowboy Rhythmbox Deviation Variation) [Phantasy Sound]
08  Rework - Bilbao [Visionquest]
09  Robert James - Revenge of the Wasp [Body Movement]
10  Fond8 + Dj Apt - Darkness (Extended Mix) [Metropolitan Promos]
11  Chab Nabouchu - Hyperactive [Marba Records]
12  Davix Project - Desert (Extended Mix) [Pink Lizard]
13  Pavzo - Rock With Me (Ale Castro, Trentz Remix) [Whoyostro White]
14  East End Dubs - Hip [East End Dubs]
15  Charlie Sparks - Wanna [PIXELATE]
16  Cowboy Rhythmbox - 6AM Cowboy (Sharif Laffrey Deviation) [Phantasy Sound]
17  Ashee - Retrofit [Life And Death]
18  Kraut feat. René Opsedee - Confetti (Acid Pauli Remix) [The Other Eye]
19  Squarepusher - Midi Sans Frontieres (Avec Batterie) [Warp Records]
#villo #constantlymovingframes #squarepusher #kraut #acidpauli #ashee #cowboyrhythmbox #shariflaffrey #charliesparks #eastenddubs #pavzo #davixproject #chabnabouchu #alecastro #trentz #fond8 #djapt #coflo #ma #robertjames #rework #richnxt #ryancrosson #markslee #joerolact #dodipalese #progressive #housemusic #melodichouse #traktor #techhouse #trance #eartheater #usdjs

Sean Cusick - Subset 4 - Dub Luv



Chill out with this Audio Subset from Sean Cusick.  Long before DJing will become passe' Selectors with deep roots in emotion will grab your attention.  Sean has lived a life of appreciating music and sharing those vibes.  This podcast moves Sean onto yet another stage with Reggae and Psy Dub.  We hope you find a place for it any day of the week.  Think about how you interact with music and what turns you on.  Bring all manner of music into your life and relationships.  "Without music, life would be a mistake." Nietzsche

Alternate Streams:

FLAC ~ Highest Quality (may not play in all browsers / devices)
MP3 ~ 320k (Napster Life)

01  Dadawah - Run Come Rally - Peace & Love
02  Wayne Jarrett - Bubble Up - Showcase, Vol. 1 - 6:31
03  Harry Mudie - Heavy Duty Dub - Harry Mudie meet King Tubby in Dub Conference, Vol 1 - 13:54
04  Impact Allstars - Thankful Dub - Randy’s Dub Vault - 16:41
05  Harry Mudie - Roman Dub - Harry Mudie meet King Tubby in Dub Conference, Vol 1 - 19:42
06  Yabby You - Peace - Beware Dub - 22:30
07  Blackbeard - Reflections - I Wah Dub - 26:29
08  Prince Douglas - Sunshine Dub - Dub Roots - 29:00
09  Horace Andy - Government Dub - In The Light Dub - 32:55
10  Harry Mudie - Full Dose of Dub - Harry Mudie meet King Tubby in Dub Conference, Vol 1 - 37:00
11  The Upsetters - Elephant Rock - 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle - 40:03
12  The Upsetters - Zion’s Blood - Super Ape - 43:13
13  Dadawah - Seventy-Two Nations - Peace & Love - 46:55
14  Horace Andy - Money Money - Dance Hall Style - 55:30
15  Lee Perry - Vocal Sample from Black Panta - 14 Dub Blackboard Jungle - 1:03:17
16  The Congos - Congoman Chant 12” Mix - Heart of the Congos - 1:03:30
17  The Congos - Sodom and Gomorrow - Heart of the Congos - 1:09:42
18  Blackbeard - Electrocharge - I Wah Dub - 1:15:45
19  Prince Douglas - Jam Love Dub - Dub Roots - 1:19:45
20  Mad Professor - Beyond the Realms of Dub (excerpt) - Beyond the Realms of Dub - 1:23:45
21  The Upsetters - Dread Lion - Super Ape - 1:27:35
22  Creation Rebel and New Age Steppers - Threat To Creation - Threat To Creation - 1:31:55
23  Scientist - Lazer Beaming - The Scientist Dub Landing - 1:35:05
24  Black Uhuru - Android Rebellion - The Dub Factor - 1:38:25
25  Black Uhuru - Ion Storm - The Dub Factor - 1:42:13
26  Burning Spear - Present - Original Living Dub, Vol 1 - 1:45:34
27  Burning Spear - In Those Days - Original Living Dub, Vol 1 - 1:48:52
28  Aswad - Shining Dub - A New Chapter Of Dub - 1:52:07
29  Creation Rebel - African Space - Psychotic Jonkanoo - 1:55:03
30  Scientist - Landing On Marzsun - The Scientist Dub Landing - 2:00:43
31  Prince Jammy - Jammy’s a Shine - Prince Jammy vs. Crucial Bunny: Dub Contest - 2:03:38
32  Mikey Dread - The Jumping Master - World War III - 2:08:50

#seancusick #q6 #harrymudie #waynejarrett #impactallstars #yabbyyou ##mikeydread #princejammy #scientist #crucialbunny #creationrebel #aswad #burningspear #blackuhuru #scientist #newagesteppers #theupsetters #madprofessor #princedouglas #blackbear #thecongos #leeperry #horaceandy #dadawah #eartheater #usdjs #technics1200 #cdj2000 #cdj2000nxs #traktor #ableton #psydub #reggae #chill #downtempo #420 #downgroove #slowtech


Dante Filippelli - Episode 141 - My Broken Ghost

Līve shmīve! We know damn well its hard to keep up with Facebook posts and events. Dante kicks out a podcast you can turn to for fun, anytime, day or night. The vibe moves great using a sublime combination of broken beats and contemporary sounds. The vocals add another dimension and give life to a 'whole package' of dance and fun. It's right for you head and right for soul. Whenever you find your self staying safe and sound, our podcast is there to serve.
Alternate Streams:
01 Archelix - To Have Your Love
02 T.M.A & Rudy UK - Burning Bytes
03 Manuel Tur - Astrakan
04 Fort Romeau - Heaven & Earth
05 Jan driver - Hold On
06 Basic Instinct - I'm My Own Ghost
07 James Grow - Dombovar
08 Mihai Popoviciu - Inside Me
09 CamelPhat & Jem Cooke - Rabbit Hole (Monkey Safari's Claps of Life Mix)
10 Jimi Jules - End Of The World
11 Khris Rios - The Sun
12 Kinree - Octo
13 Hector Moran, Dawda - Let's Funk
14 Deetech - Slowly
15 Bogard - Leopard
16 Acid Pauli - Dancing in the Trunk (Ed Ed Remix)
17 Antonio Caballero - Meditation (Dub House Mix)
18 Catz 'n Dogz, ZenSoFly, Maxville - Wave feat. ZENSOFLY & Maxville (TheusMago)
19 Davide Squillace, Basti Grub, Julian Smith - Let's Go Deep
20 Lee Jones - Wiedersehen
21 Broken Villages - Flowers on Monday
#dantefilippelli #brokenvillages #leejones #davidesquillace #bastigrub #juliansmith #theusmago #zensofly #maxville #antoniocaballero #acidpaul #bogard #deetech #hectormoran #dawda #kinree #khrisrios jimijules #camelphat #jemcooke #monkeysafari #mihaipopovciu #jamesgrow #basicinstinct #jandriver #fortromeau #manueltur #tma #rudyuk #archelix #progressive #housemusic #melodichouse #traktor #techhouse #trance #eartheater #usdjs
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